Rebranding your business: What's in a name?

Hi guys.

Welcome to the LPF blog. In the spirit of transparency, I never intended to start a blog for LPF. And TBH, I’ll probably only update it occasionally when I feel like I have something important to share :)

Today I want to talk about our company name. When I chose the original name, La Petite Fleur, it was for a very specific reason – it was us. Meaning me and my sister. We fell in love with the open-air flower markets in Paris and I knew that I wanted to bring the same beauty and joy to people through the business.

From the buckets of fresh flowers to the black and white stripes that are a critical part of our branding to our French name – it was all intentional to create the Parisian market vibe. The name itself, La Petite Fleur, translates to “the little flower.” Growing up, my family (and now my husband) always called me a delicate flower, which was partly the inspiration for the name.

It all came together easily and seemed perfect…until I realized, there’s a company with a VERY similar name. IN OUR TOWN. Clearly, I got caught up in the story and didn’t even think about the possibility of another company having the same name in the same place. D’oh.

I first discovered this when people started saying, “oh, I’ve seen your storefront!” (we don’t have a storefront) or “oh, I went to a wedding you planned!” (we don’t plan weddings). You can imagine my immediate horror when I googled our company and their name came up.

Now, we’re a few months in, and I was at the point where I needed to decide if we keep the name as is. Do we keep it because it’s authentic? Or change it so we can be found, and avoid the awkward conversation that goes something like, “no, sorry, that’s not us – we basically have the same name”?

So, I changed it. Not to anything crazy different – simply LPF. Because at the end of the day, we know it represents La Petite Fleur, and that’s the most important part.

Plus, “what does LPF stand for?” sounds like the perfect conversation-starter to me.


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