Five things your floral designer wants you to know

As I was planning my wedding (before I got into the flower business), I was like a lot of brides who wonder, “why are wedding flowers so damn expensive?!”

It wasn’t until I started working with flowers that I truly understood what makes fresh flowers cost what they do. And contrary to what many people think, wedding flowers aren’t inherently “expensive.” There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes or that people don’t understand about flowers that drive up the cost.

So, in the interest of helping brides understand why things cost what they do and how to keep costs under control, here are some tidbits you may not know!

Spring flowers are the most popular

Tulips, ranunculus, peonies, etc. – they’re all spring blooms that you see in many of the bouquets plastered all over Pinterest. I see peonies in countless photos, but did you know they are only in season one month of the year? While it’s not TOTALLY impossible to get these flowers out of season, it will cost you much more, and they often don’t look their best. Florists are at the mercy of flower farmers who are at the mercy of mother nature. If flowers are important to you and you want specific types, consider that when choosing your wedding date.

Greenery adds up

A lot of brides believe that utilizing greenery instead of flowers will save money. And that can be true. But, greenery can still add up quickly if you’re using a lot of it or incorporating tropical greens (for example) that have to be imported. Eucalyptus garlands are really popular all over Pinterest, but a lush runner can cost $10 per foot or more. Ask your designer about the best ways to get beautiful florals without breaking the bank.

Delivery and set up aren’t free

I always worry that brides will balk at the cost of things if/when you break it down – especially delivery and set up fees. But to put it in perspective, think about all that goes into JUST delivery and set up:

- Time it takes to load and unload the vehicle (x2 if we pick up at the end of the event)
- Gas to get to the location and back
- Cost of wear and tear/maintaining your vehicle
- Time it takes to get to the location and back
- Time it takes to set up on location
- Cost of help if we need extra hands to set up

Delivery and set up are obviously part of our job and something we’re happy to do! But please understand that the time we spend doing these things is still time spent working.

We buy in bunches

While a bride may request just a “few” flowers for something – a cake, a high-top table, etc. – florists generally can only order flowers in set bunches. So, while you may only need three of something, we have to factor in the cost of the entire bunch since we can’t pay by the stem, and leftover flowers are money/product wasted.

Flowers go on a long journey

As much as florists may try to buy flowers locally, it can be challenging to meet specific requests using local blooms. That often means that we buy from flower markets that get flowers from all over the world. The flowers that end up in your bouquet probably went on a long journey to get there – flying from Holland to Miami to the flower market and potentially even taking one more flight to their final destination. All of these logistics add up and add to the final cost of flowers.

Phew. All that said, we believe that flowers truly set the mood for an event and are so incredibly special! We also believe that everyone deserves that special touch they add. We’re happy to work with you to create something beautiful within your budget. Happy planning :)