What goes into hosting a floral design workshop?

A lot of people romanticize the floral industry. And for good reason! Flowers are gorgeous, they smell divine, they bring beauty, and they make people happy. Who wouldn’t want to work with flowers?!

I’m not sure what exactly I expected when I entered the world of flowers, but it has turned out to be a whole lot more hard work than I could have imagined. Rewarding work, but difficult nonetheless! So, for anyone who’s considering a career or side hustle in the flower biz, or even just curious about what goes on behind the scenes, I’ve put together a look at the 48 hours before hosting a workshop.

48 hours before

Registration for a workshop usually ends at least two days in advance so I have time to prep and get flowers. It’s challenging to plan ahead or order flowers in advance because I don’t know how much we’ll need until the final guest list is in.

36 hours before

I work a 9-5 job four days a week, so a lot of my LPF work happens in the mornings and evenings. On the day before the event, I hit the flower market early in the morning to pick up the flowers. I take them home, unload, and process the flowers, which involves getting them into water and giving them a fresh cut. SO. MANY. STEMS. Then I’m off to job #2.

24 hours before

The evening before the event I’m usually running around like a maniac. I could be picking up more vases, developing the flower recipe, doing a mockup arrangement, packing supplies, confirming last minute details with the venue, answering guest questions – the list goes on! I usually don’t get a lot of sleep because I’m so excited/anxious for the next day.

12 hours before

Up before the sun again, I’m loading the car with my husband (my biggest supporter and helper!) – fitting in flowers, supplies, buckets, etc. Did I mention how heavy everything is?! No one prepared me for how much manual labor is involved in floral design. We head to the venue where we then have to unload everything and set up. This involves setting the tables, filling water buckets, and organizing the flowers, among other things. After an exhausting morning, it’s off to (my other) work.

2 hours before

After job #2 ends, I quickly head to the venue to finish setting up any last-minute things, review the game plan, and greet guests as they arrive.


I’m always frantic and nervous in the hours before an event, but once it starts, all that melts away. I get in the flow and enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of flowers with other people!