Mixing business with pleasure

Hi guys!

It’s been a minute since I last blogged, so here I am again. I wish I could promise that I’ll do this more often, but blogging always seems to get knocked to the bottom of my list and I don’t want to disappoint. So sporadic, surprise blog posts it is!

The end of 2018 is near and this year was filled with so. many. lessons. About flowers and business and life. A lot has happened since the start of LPF and it’s crazy to look back and reflect. Remember when I got laid off from my day job and thought it was the end of the world? Fortunately, I landed in a much better place and should have known because, not to be all spiritual but, things always work out the way they’re meant to. The universe says so.

If you haven’t looked around the site recently, you may notice a few new things around here.

First, I’ve got a new page called Learn, and it’s part of my larger initiative to take all the flower biz stuff I’ve learned/am learning and combine it with my nearly 10-years-experience as a writer and strategist to help fellow flowerers grow (pun intended). As much as I love designing flowers and working with my hands and creating beautiful arrangements for your special events, I enjoy the business behind the blooms just as much.

I worked my ass off and I’m fortunate enough to have made a healthy profit in my first eight months. And I know I can help others in the startup phase avoid costly mistakes, ask the right questions and make the money they want.

If you’re thinking, “ummm who is this girl and who does she think she is claiming to be a flower business expert overnight?” I will be the first to say I am not THE floral expert. But I know a ton about business and marketing and writing—all things you need to do if you want to win clients to design for in the first place. So yes, while I can and will continue to develop my floral design skills, I know I can help others develop their business skills in the meantime and have a lot of fun doing it.

That brings me to the next sparkly new page on my website, the Shop. When I was starting out, I did SO. MUCH. RESEARCH. on what to ask potential clients and how to price my work and what to put in a proposal and how to write a contract to protect my business and on and on and on. PHEW. Just thinking about it makes me tired again.

It was hard to find stuff, if at all. I wished that I could just take a peek behind the curtain of other floral businesses, not to “steal” their business or process, but to know that I’m on the right track. So that’s why I created the Shop.

Whether you’re simply thinking about starting a floral biz or you’re an experienced floral designer that’s got this down pat, it’s super helpful to see what other people in your industry are doing. I’ve created PDFs (for if you’re just curious) and editable templates (to use as a guide; read: not lift verbatim) to set yourself up for success.

“But…doesn’t that enable the competition?”

The answer is no. It enables our thriving floral community and makes us stronger as a group so we can all rise together. There’s a place for all of us, each with our unique style and personality and strengths.

So here we go 2019—I’m ready for ya! I can’t wait to get back to designing (the slow season is a strange feeling) and to start making an impact on YOUR business. Reach out to me any time.



Photo by Jillian Melissa Photography

Elizabeth Smith