The case against wedding flower trends

Floral design trends are really fascinating to me. It’s impossible to go on Pinterest and search flowers without seeing 90 percent of pins with eucalyptus and blush garden roses. Don’t get me wrong, I love eucalyptus and blush garden roses. BUT, I also like creating looks that are a bit different than the same look every other bride’s got goin’ on.

The first big trend I can remember from when Pinterest came around is the rustic look. Burlap, mason jars, sunflowers and baby’s breath. Remember that? I was all for it – the casual, unstuffy nature. Now, even though it wasn’t that long ago, it feels overdone and dated like most trends that come and go.

I have a love/hate relationship with trends. I love them because at the time they feel fresh and modern and you can be really unique. But with such a distinct style and others wanting to be fresh and modern too, eventually it becomes saturated and you’re sick of seeing it everywhere.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you don’t do something trendy. I AM suggesting that you do whatever you TRULY like regardless of passing styles, so that you’ll never look back and think, “wow, what was I thinking?” If you choose flowers you love regardless of what’s popular, THAT’S how you’ll truly be unique and love your flowers for decades to come.

While I think Pinterest is amazing, I almost wish more brides would AVOID looking at it and start from scratch to figure out what they’re really in love with. I know some people may say, “but I’m not creative, I need inspiration!,” and that may be true, but instead of diving into a sea of similar photos, find inspiration in other places. What’s your home décor like? Do you love vintage clothes? Do you love spending time outdoors with your fiancé? These are all things that can help you arrive at your unique floral style.

Curious to know – what was your wedding/floral “theme” and do you still love it today?