floral preservation


The fleeting beauty of flowers is what makes them so special, but for blooms that hold so much meaning, floral preservation is a wonderful way to keep a bit of your wedding bouquet on display forever. Our approach to pressing and framing flowers is modern, minimalistic and refined - offering you a custom, heirloom art piece for any room in your home.



We use a unique method of pressing that allows us to dry faster, minimize mold and maintain each flower’s color. That being said, we pride ourselves on being as sustainable as possible and do not use any chemicals to treat your flowers. Some change in color is to be expected and may continue slowly over time.


11x14 frame - $250

16x20 frame - $300

Larger or custom frames - please inquire

Upon inquiry, we’ll send the frame options and invoice, and schedule a time for you to drop off your bouquet to our studio in Detroit, MI. You may also ship your flowers (we’ll instruct you on the best way to do so). Shipping costs are not included.


Do you only press bridal bouquet flowers?

No, in additional to bouquet flowers we press funeral flowers and favorite flowers. Our pieces make great gifts for the flower lovers in your life.

Do I need to provide the flowers?

If you’re simply interested in commissioning an art piece, we will source the flowers. For bouquet or funeral flower preservation, we need your flowers delivered. See the following questions for more details.

When do I need to deliver my flowers?

You must drop off your flowers no later than three days after your wedding or event. If you’re shipping, plan on sending 1-2 days after the event and have it overnighted.

Can you create a piece of art with dried flowers?

No, unfortunately we cannot press and frame flowers that are already dried out.

How should I care for my flowers?

Ask your florist not to use any preservative sprays on your flowers and keep them in water as much as possible before delivering. The fresher the flowers, the better.

Will you use my whole bouquet/all the flowers?

In most cases we will not use all the flowers from your bouquet, however it’s helpful for us to have them all so we can choose the best blooms to press. Aside from the flowers in your art piece, you should not plan on receiving any additional flowers back.

Will you use all the flower types from my bouquet?

Some flower varieties to not press well, such as large, thick blooms like dahlias, garden roses and standard roses. In these cases we may use individual petals instead.

When and how will I receive my art piece?

Completion time will depend on how many orders are ahead of yours. We’ll give you an estimate when you place your order. You must pick up your piece from our studio in Detroit, MI, or we can ship it to you for an additional charge.