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Wedding Tradition: How Tossing the Bridal Bouquet

Can you remember the last time someone tossed your bouquet? It’s a moment of tradition that you’re probably not going to forget. Whether thrown by your father or grandmother, it’s a symbol of hope for those single ladies in the crowd. You may have been one of them just a few years ago, but now, as the bride-to-be, you’ll be waiting anxiously with each toss hoping to catch the bouquet and all its good luck. But what if there is no bouquet at your wedding? What if there are no single women present? I’m so glad we can talk about this because I’ve seen both sides, and let me tell you, there are some definite pros and cons.

Brides still throw the bouquet

carry flowersTossing the bridal bouquet is a tradition that dates back to early medieval times. At weddings, it’s customary for the bride to toss her bouquet up into the air, and whoever catches it will be next in line to get married.

Many superstitions are surrounding this tradition as well, which include: if you catch it on your first try, you’ll have good luck; if someone catches it before bride does, they’ll marry soon; if someone catches it after the bride has tossed her bouquet, but before she gets a chance to dance with anyone else at her wedding reception then they will never be able to find love again.

What do brides do with their bouquets?

When a bride’s wedding day is finally over, what should she do with her bouquet? How about saving it for the next bride to be married. That way, she can pass on some of her luck and happiness to someone else. Whenever I think of my wedding day, I wonder what happened to my bouquet after the ceremony. Did we throw them away, or did we save them as keepsakes for our future children? It turns out that there are many different ways brides can choose to keep their flowers alive in the memory of their special day, so check out these tips below.

Brides carry bouquets at weddings

What’s the most iconic image of a bride? Of course, it’s her carrying a bouquet. But where does that tradition come from? The symbol of marriage and fertility, the bouquet is an ancient custom dating back to ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece, it was customary for women to carry flowers while walking down the aisle on their wedding day. These days, there are many different kinds of flowers used in weddings- roses, tulips, orchids- but no matter what kind they are, they all have one thing in common: they’re symbolic of love.

Brides, bridesmaids, and guests are all eagerly awaiting the moment when the bouquet will be tossed. The anticipation is such that some women even go as far as to make bets on who they think will catch it.

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